A tiny pony adventure

Yesterday I was the first person to arrive at our barn, right after our barn manager ran out to drop her kids off at school.  I was a bit earlier than I needed, so I decided to walk my Jellington before my lesson.

Two of Ellie’s favourite barntime activities

As we exited the hay barn, I noticed something amiss.

We are NOT inside a pasture…

Patti, our barn manager’s retired mini/shetland had escaped the confines of her pasture and was freeeeee!!  It seems that in the night the latch on the gate had come undone. Fortunately, all of our gates are all secured with a chain in addition to the latches, so only tiny creature managed to slip under and escape.

Unfortunately, Patti has decided that she is a Wild Creature since her tiny rider outgrew her, and shuns the love of most humans.  When I approached her with a carrot and her halter, she fled the scene, running into the corridor between the main pastures.  Our barn was set up by someone very clever, and all I had to do to keep Patti confined was shut the gates to the corridor.  Hooray, problem semi-solved!

>Patti has a siren-like allure to most full size horses (those that aren’t terrified of minis, that is) and as soon as the horses in turnout saw her they came GALLOPING to her aid. Patti greeted them, squealed her challenge, and went joyfully off down the corridor — full size horses following, rearing, and handstanding behind her.

Fortunately, when Patti returned just a moment later she accepted my carrot peace offering and let me put on her halter and lead her back to her pasture.  Much to the annoyance of the rest of the ponies, who thought this whole thing was So Unfair.

The language of dressage

When I first started riding dressage, about four years ago now, I was certain that I knew what dressage was all about: The Headset. I had seen it in the videos. I knew The Headset wasn’t easily achieved, and that it took a Good Rider to get The Headset. When I watched Grand Prix freestyles, I was perplexed as to the differences in scores from one ride to the next: they all had it, The Headset, so what were those judges seeing that I wasn’t? Every horse was beautiful, but why were some more beautiful than others?

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